The Tunisian-German Academic Congress on Business, Communication and Technology: “Digital Future- Perspectives on a Modern Era of Togetherness” in its Third edition is a joint effort of the Private Higher School of Technologies and Engineering “TEK-UP” (Tunisia) and Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences (Germany) in the framework of the DAAD funded project: German-Arab short-term cooperation projects 2021 from funds of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA).

The objective of this event is to establish and intensify scientific relations between German and Tunisian universities and actively contribute to the improvement of research and teaching in Tunisia with special focus on the employability of the future graduates and their transfer from universities to industry. The one-week seminar will gather 70 students along with more than 20 instructors from Tunisia and Germany.

The winter school includes workshops and conferences covering the aspects of Technology, Business and Communication along with cultural and entrepreneurial excursions.

The Tunisian German academic congress will be held on the period of 22-26 November 2021 in Tunisia.


Keynote Speakers

M.F.A. Sylvia Debit

Dipl.-Ing. Amel HATTOUR

Dipl.-Ing. Chiheb CHEBBI

Dipl.-Ing. Yossra HAJJEJI

Prof. Dr. Uwe HETTLER

Dr. Marcus HORNUNG

Dipl.-Ing. Khaled JERBI

Dipl.-Ing. Walid MRAIHI

Dipl.-Ing. Hamza M'HIRSI


Dr. Tasnim ABAR

Dipl.-Ing. Houssem Eddine DERBEL

Dr. Khawla Tbarki

Dr. Safa Saoudi

Prof. Frank Schrödel

Prof. Jürgen Gemeinhardt